They are our history, enriched by a much older history, that of a producer group of bearings which boasts centuries-old experience.

Today they can achieve outstanding results in a very short time but, at the base of everything, there are always a man and a passion for their activity. Having passion and knowledgeable instilled should be in the DNA of every company that wants to keep up its pro fi professional.

This is the only guarantee of continuity of an enterprise in an increasingly fragile and chaotic market.

in various sectors

Bottling, packaging, marble, machine tools, steel, lifting, agricultural, wind, etc. These and others are the sectors in which our company is providing its assistance. We do not design systems, we limit ourselves to examine, design and / or validate everything that is closely connected to the vast world called bearing.

Know-how Continuous
in the bearing system

And 'of use, for the uninitiated, the one and only think of the bearing as a mechanical element consists of two rings and a ring of balls. This was simply the first prototype and that exemplary remains the basic concept of the rolling load transmission. But it would not be enough volume to mention all the changes that the bearing has undergone fi no to today. And 'thanks to the knowledge of these evolutions that we can examine and, many times, improve what are called standard applications in jargon.


constant drive towards improving

New technological and manufacturing processes, materials, lubrication fi songs, designs, integration of mechanical components with the bearings or slewing rings are the focal point of our constant search for technical improvement, quality and cost of the products we provide. Our R & D department makes available to the customer all its expertise and experience to study and provide the best solution.

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